Dept. Biomedical Engineering

BioModelling and bioInformatics - BMI (Prof. Hilbers)

Natal van Riel

- systems biology

- system and control theory

- metabolic networks

Peter Hilbers

- large-scale biomodeling

- parallel computing


Huub ten Eikelder

- partial differential equations
- stochastic models
- data analysis, machine learning

  Christian Tiemann Joep Vanlier

Joep Schmitz (PhD student, PREDICCt)

- integrating computational modeling and NMR spectroscopy to study human skeletal muscle metabolism

- type 2 diabetes

Christian Tiemann
(PhD student, NCSB - NGI) Metabolic Syndrome, liver, lipoprotein metabolism

Joep Vanlier
(PhD student, NCSB - NGI) Metabolic Syndrome, parameter estimation, identifiability analysis, uncertainty analysis
Ceylan Colmekci
(PhD student, AstraZeneca) Systems biology of insulin signaling in skeletal muscle
Haili Liu
(PhD student) Systems biology
3D model (spatio-temporal) of skeletal muscle myocyte metabolism and signaling


Former group members

  • Willemijn Groenendaal, PhD
  • Mark Musters, PhD

Biomedical NMR (Prof. Nicolay)





People outside Dept. BME, associated with TU/e Metabolic Systems Biology

Jeroen Jeneson

- NMR spectroscopy

- skeletal muscle physiology

- metabolism



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